11+ Cool ideas for effective bedroom wall design

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The modern bedroom is a room with its own character! One likes it expressive and representative, the other likes simple and discreet. The bedroom furniture is so versatile that you often have the agony of choice. Not only comfortable beds are very important for your comfort. Only with the right bedroom wall design and decoration, you create a fantastically beautiful place for recreation with a positive indoor climate. Be inspired by the unusual designer ideas presented here!

Bedroom wall design in a trendy look

 Bedroom wall decoration – colorful wallpaper diamond pattern

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The walls of the bedroom offer a variety of options for individual design. Classics, however, are romantic images that contribute to the harmonious atmosphere. Bedroom wall decals quickly transform the bedroom into an oasis of well-being. In addition to wall stickers and photo walls, wall panels with a structure as a bedroom wall design are trendy. As a result, surprising effects are achieved. If you prefer a more discreet but modern look, you can attach a single wall panel as an accent to a single wall.

Bedroom wall design as a highlight

 Bedroom wall design -granite-wall-panels-geometric-design

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Many bedrooms are a colorful mix of pieces of furniture, carpets, lights, and ornaments. For a pleasant ambiance provide the matching details. Painted surfaces reflect the light of day and make the room appear even brighter. The appropriate indirect lighting ensures peace and helps in the evening when falling asleep.


Stripe look is always up to date – whether thick, thin, delicate or strong stripes – it depends on the personal taste. But why not put together the strips of mirrors and wall plates? In this way, you create optical depth even in a small bedroom.

Bedroom wall-design-illuminated-wall-panel-flowers

Bedroom wall decoration -grey-yellow-3d-wall-panels



Bedroom is your own oasis of peace and relaxation. For optimal comfort, not only the mattress and the right bed size, but also the bed linen. Linen feels pleasantly soft, synthetic fabrics dry quickly and are cheap. But as far as the bed linen and especially the pillowcase is concerned, silk remains the optimal option. The important advantages of a silk pillow and why a pillowcase made of silk is even effective against hair breakage are described in the article.

Individual bed with the box spring bed configurator source

The box spring bed is the epitome of comfortable sleeping comfort, coupled with exclusive design standards. Although there are still many complete solutions where individual needs do not play a major role, many suppliers have recognized the trend towards more individuality. Using online configurators, for example, the cover, the color or the topper can be determined.

At this point, however, the customization options often end. The fact that boxspring beds can also be adapted to personal requirements to the last detail is proven by Boxspring-Welt’s Swiss online shop with its box spring beds “Paul” and “Paula”. These two models are designed to create countless variations.

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