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Modern living has also arrived at the bedroom furniture because the modern furnishing style creates through its clear objectivity a liberating atmosphere for sleeping and relaxing. A sparingly used and suitable decoration gives the whole a cozy touch. What you should consider when setting up a modern bedroom and how to implement it perfectly, you can read here with some nice ideas.

Modern living in the bedroom design

Especially because of its puristic and minimalist design, modern living captivates more and more people in their bedroom design. The simple, but the modern style is perceived as extremely pleasant in the bedroom because there is quiet unobtrusiveness prevail, which makes the night’s rest relaxed and restful.

The non-epochal style of living is based on the intention to create many open spaces and airy space that holds a high functionality. This functional style is achieved through smooth and clear forms of functional bedroom furniture and reduced decoration. In the color schemes are usually inconspicuous, muted tones and especially white and gray are used. Patterns are used very cautiously and in graphic orientations, such as bedding. These basic designs are often used in materials such as wood, glass, and concrete in the furniture – and accompanied by other high-quality natural materials for decoration. Dimensionally set splashes of color and visual highlights are also allowed in modern living. For example, you can combine stylistic design classics, but only at certain points to preserve the character of the reduced style of living.

So if you’re a fan of a soothing and tidy-looking bedroom with high functionality, the purist style is definitely for you.

Bedroom furniture in a modern style

When choosing bedroom furniture, you should focus on straightforward, straight-lined models with smooth fronts. A light-footed wardrobe with ground clearance is the better choice here than a monstrous wall unit. This also has the advantage that not only the surfaces of the wardrobe are easier to maintain, but also the areas under and behind the furniture. Likely also are fronts with milky glass, which make the room effect a lot fresher and freer. Also with the bed frames with feet seem much more airy, like a bed with box structure. Small side tables with a glass top complement each other perfectly.

Extra tip: If you make an old sawed stand ladder with a wooden plate, you also get a great bedside table to the modern bedroom. Because shabby chic and upcycling are just as suitable for modern living as the vintage style – provided you use these elements sparingly.

A not too massive chest of drawers or a dainty dressing table from grandma’s times, you can still bring wonderful as a mix of styles in the modern style.

Cleverly decorate the puristic bedroom furniture
A clever hand proves you in modern living if you also reduced the decoration and functional design. Restraint in the colors and patterns used here is considered a stylish motto – but the ideas are almost limitless.
For example, you can achieve cozy privacy by putting up a screen, which should not be too confused. A soft carpet as a bedside rug provides comfort and warm feet in the morning when getting up. Mirrors as a wall decoration or as an element at the wardrobe give your modern bedroom extra space and help you with the daily wardrobe choice. Lamps attached to the bed will save you the passage to the light switch after your evening reading lesson. A cuddly plaid can serve as a bedspread for your bed or as an extra blanket at night.

Fragrant falling curtains and curtain shawls for closing protect against prying eyes from outside and breathe the purest living style a comfortable feel-good atmosphere.

Are you interested in the modern style of decorating your bedroom furniture and would you like to see more home decorating ideas than real flats?
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