Best ideas for autumn table decoration

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Fall is here and provides many beautiful ideas for seasonal table decoration. At the dining table, the meeting place for friends and family, it is now beautiful and cozy with beautiful table linen and autumn decoration. Whether discreet decoration ideas for every day or special arrangements for a festive autumn meal, we show on this page the most beautiful ideas for your table decoration in the colorful season.

Table decoration with autumn flowers and decorative branches
A colorful bouquet of autumn flowers or a small arrangement is a nice eye-catcher on every dining table. Hydrangeas, dahlias or heather are the typical flowering plants for autumn bouquets. Even filigree decorative branches in large glass vases are a nice decoration idea. Bright red rose hip or Ilex branches are especially popular in autumn. For festive occasions, the colorful branches also look great on the table draped in the middle.

Cones, leaves and forest inhabitants for the autumn table decoration
In autumn, beautiful ingredients for table decoration can be found on the walk through the forest: colorful leaves, large pine cones, and deep green moss can be arranged in many variations in glass bowls or cloches. For every guest, a pine cone next to the place setting or a colorful sheet on the napkin emphasizes the autumn mood a bit more. As an enchanting detail, we like especially small deer and deer figurines on the table.

Pumpkin & Co: Table decoration with fruits
Various fruits and vegetables are also available in the fall for the table decoration: all types of ornamental gourds, chestnuts, apples, berries and physalis fruits can be combined and arranged on the autumn table. Of course, for those who love imposing apparitions, the classic Halloween pumpkin is also an option. Our tips for a feast: Many small vases, which are ever equipped with a flower or Etagere (for a DIY guide is here), lushly filled with grapes, plums or figs.

Table linen and place setting for the autumn decoration
Choosing the right colors quickly creates an autumnal picture on the dining table. The palette can contain all the colors of nature in the colorful season; beautiful is all the earth and berry tones, which can be picked up wonderfully with tablecloths, table runners or napkins. Felt and wood, for example for placemats or plates, are also very suitable for autumn table decorations. A fine contrast to these coarse textiles are filigree glass vessels – currently particularly popular are crystal and earthenware or ceramic dishes in a handmade look. Shiny brass in candle holders or cutlery makes great highlights.

Atmospheric light sources for the autumn table
A guarantor for the cozy, autumnal atmosphere is always warm light on the table. Individual pillar candles, filigree candle holders, small tea or lanterns, lanterns or even a fairy light set the dining area in an atmospheric mood. Especially on festive occasions, not enough lights and candles can burn!

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