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The kitchen has a very special place in the house because of its various functions: It is the place where you prepare your food, has breakfast in the morning, drinks tea or has a festive dinner with family and friends. Kitchens are not just functional places – they should also be cozy, aesthetic and friendly. The perfect furnishing style to combine these three characteristics is the modern country house style. This style of living thrives on playing with natural materials such as wood or linen but is clearer and brighter than the traditional country house style. For a better overview, we have summarized the best living ideas and Dekotipps for the Modern Country Look shortly for you.

Tips for wall design in the country kitchen

Flooded with light, open and friendly: kitchens in the Modern Country look get their light and lively ambiance through the use of bright wall colors. White, delicate blue and gray radiate calm and stand in contrast to rustic materials such as solid wood or bast. Ceiling beams are particularly stylish, giving the room a higher look and reminiscent of traditional farmhouses. For the Mediterranean country style, a decorative tile mirror is also a good choice. Filigree ceramics from Portugal or the Netherlands are noble and adorn your wall or your hood with their fine, ornate patterns.

Rustic furniture for your country kitchen

In the center of every country kitchen is a large, rustic table. Models made of untreated solid wood are particularly beautiful and coarse iron fittings provide flair. An exception tables in the French country style: Curves and elegance in the foreground. Incidentally, in smaller kitchens, a console table is a good alternative to a free-standing kitchen table.

The matching seating furniture is ornately decorated wooden chairs with carvings or simple stools. Comfortable and retro: A corner seat or a kitchen sofa turns your kitchen into a cozy kitchen and provides rural romance. Not to forget: A fine buffet cabinet is a typical piece of furniture in country kitchens and combines the advantages of a kitchen cabinet, display case and work surface in a stylish way.

This is how you design your kitchen with textiles in the country-style kitchen look. The modern country house style thrives on the play with natural textiles such as cotton, linen, and wool. In particular coarse woven fabrics or undyed, slightly wrinkled textiles provide a simple, yet special look. Delicate curtains break the light in your kitchen and give it a dreamy atmosphere. Tablecloths – whether plain or with traditional checks make every kitchen table festive. By the way, French kitchens in country house style can also handle discreet lace borders. Decorating and functional are embroidered tea towels or placemats. If you choose a corner seat, select decorative pillows and upholstery are the perfect finish.

Decorative and functional: the perfect lamp for the country kitchen
In a modern country house style, it is important that you furnish your home with decorative yet simple elements. A contrast to colorful home textiles or a heavy table, for example, you can set in the lighting. Simple lamps with a matt surface of plastic or glass are a good choice and underline the down-to-earth nature of the Modern Country look. Absolute favorites are pendulum lamps in drop form or seemingly weightless glass balloons. Upcycling for creatives: Even an old metal pasta sieve becomes a fancy kitchen lamp with a little skill. Something festive is white pillar candles and mouth-blown glass candle holders.

Accessories and decorative items for the kitchen in country style
An important feature of a modern country house style is selected accessories that give your kitchen a rustic charm. Again, the motto is: less is more! Make sure that your kitchen remains simple and elegant and deliberately focus on a few unusual home accessories. For example, handmade ceramic bowls, which you can use as a fruit basket, are functional and beautiful. Even a woven wicker basket is a classic element of a country kitchen and is suitable as a storage space for cookbooks or as a shopping basket. Cast iron pans or copper kettles have their grand entrance as a rural wall decoration. Of course, the Modern Country look also includes fresh kitchen spices and seasonal flowers that bring nature into your kitchen. Especially authentic: lavender, rosemary, and ears of corn bring the scent of summery fields into your home

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