Ideas and tips for wall design in your workplace

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The study should not be just space where we can focus and focus, but also a space with an inviting ambiance, where we like to spend time and do our work quickly. Thus, it is important to include the personal home office in the interior design and to make it instead of storage space for papers and important documents to a cozy and appealing part of our home. We have put together the most beautiful and practical ideas for your study.

Ideas and tips for wall design in your workspace
In addition to beautiful furniture and a tidy overall picture, the wall plays a major role in every room – even in the study. We recommend that you create your workspace in plain, cool colors, as they promote your concentration and have a calming effect.

Nevertheless, you can not do without a beautiful wall decoration, which you can implement in the form of a homemade pinboard or a picture wall. Depending on your taste, you can combine both, arranging picture frames in a colorful and asymmetrical way, or putting them on a simple, modern design.

You do not want to give up your gaudy favorite wall paint? Then you should work according to the motto “less is more” and beautify only a small wall or a section with the accent color.

Highlight the workspace with blackboard color
Blackboard color has been trendy for some time now. And rightly so, because the dark wall and furniture look absolutely elegant, so it’s super practical! Instead of hanging clunky, whiteboards over the desk, you can apply the practical color directly and chalk your to-do lists as you wish. It looks especially nice when you use the blackboard to highlight the area behind your desk. So you have not got an accustomed color accent, so you always have your tasks in view and can work in the future and in a cool atmosphere.

Blackboard paint and simply fix the DIY artwork on the wall without glass?

Organize decoratively – make office accessories yourself
One of the most important factors in your study is the organization of pens, stationery, and documents. So you always find what you need, one thing is very important: storage space!
A beautiful bookshelf, a small closet or a mobile phone desk with drawers is ideal to accommodate your paperwork and other important items.

To design your home office, there are many possibilities. Pens, scissors, glue, and Co. are decorated in a beautiful glass or cup cellphone on the desk. Folders with wrapping paper and wrapping film on a chic eye-catcher. The latter can be placed on a hanging shelf or on a dresser.

But cups, boxes, and cans are so great for storing all your stuff in a decent way.
The whole thing is beautiful, a cozy cushion on your office chair and an elegant desk lamp, which puts your workspace in the right light.

The trend of the year: wooden decoration
We think it’s great that, instead of polluting plastics and other chemically produced materials, more and more The absolute trend of the year is deco of wood, which can be found in the form of small figures, candlesticks, picture frames, and other accessories in every shop and online shop.

Especially popular are the small wooden houses that you can. In addition, the radiates coziness immediately and fills your study with a pleasant natural flair.

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