Modern kitchens: The most beautiful pictures and ideas

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Modern living in the kitchen
The so-called modern living is not really a separate style of living, but simply expresses the characteristics and radiance of the typically used look.
In the kitchen, this looks very tidy and orderly because practicality and minimalism are the buzzwords in modern living. This refers primarily to the design and volume of the furniture, which should be as inconspicuous and economical as possible. Even with the colors, the modern furnishing style behaves restrained and is often converted into white or gray.

The materials often use wood, concrete, and glass. Real fans of the minimalist style even prefer the bare concrete with a neutral color as wall surfaces.
To make the sometimes somewhat sterile-looking character on the kitchen front, the kitchen unit or the worktop a bit warmer, you can achieve this with reduced decorative use.

The meaning of modern living in the kitchen stands for functional work and cooking, which takes place in a flexible and reduced environment. Especially today’s single households or professionally strong couples like this modern furnishing style, in which the high quality of the materials used is respected.

Design of kitchen furniture for modern kitchens
When planning, you should make sure that the kitchen furniture has no frills and straight lines and takes up little space in the room. In particular, a modular kitchen block or a chic kitchen island reflects the purist style. Smooth surfaces and a reduced color palette complete the whole. Highly sought-after fronts are as closed as possible, which also prove to be easy to maintain. Behind it, all electrical devices can be concealed or placed in such a way that even surfaces are created.

But you can also set up a kitchen-living room in a purist style. A dining table and chairs or a bench in a graphic design fit perfectly and allow you to make the most of your space.

Extra tip: Style mixes and design classics are allowed in modern living, as long as you use them restrained and you still have enough free space available. For example, an old sideboard in shabby chic sets a decorative exclamation mark in your modern kitchen.

Decoration for the modern kitchen
In addition to the puristic orientation of the kitchen furniture, deliberately used deco provides a soothing balance and a touch of coziness. The modern living ideas include, for example, cushions for the chairs of your kitchen, curtains on the window and neatly arranged herb pots.

The fresh green of the plants looks appetizing and enriches healthy cooking on top of that. Natural textiles or materials from nature are often used as decoration in combination with the modern style, which creates a great contrast to the otherwise cool materials of the furniture. This can be a non-slip sisal rug that is perfect for the kitchen. Or sets made of raffia or fabric for the dining table.

It is important that also in the decoration the color choice is selected reduced overall and patterning is largely dispensed with. For pattern fans, large, graphic patterns are a good choice and can be harmoniously integrated into the modern ambiance.

For lighting, light sources above the worktop or kitchen island are recommended, making it easier to work in the modern kitchen. An additional ceiling lamp made of glass, metal or wood in unobtrusive form makes the kitchen light completely.

Do you like the modern style for your kitchen and would you like to see more ideas from real apartments?

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