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The vintage style can be found in numerous kitchens and presented, properly implemented, not at all dusty. From kitchen furniture and crockery to decoration, many a sweetheart shines in the trendy design. What you can do with the vintage style in your kitchen, you will learn here with some nice interior design ideas.

Vintage as a furnishing style in the kitchen
Decorating, furnishing and living with the booming design classic Vintage is multifaceted, as it encompasses all past epochs of typical designs. Retro is also much appreciated but has less charisma, as it is usually not replicas of time, but replicas.

The kitchen is now a popular gathering place in the home – and that used to be even more. Where today’s modern kitchens show a rather sterile and sleek face, the former was a cozy place that was both functional and cozy at the same time. For then many people had a kitchen, in which the entire extended family had to find space. There was, next to the kitchen furniture and utensils for cooking, a dining table with a dining table, which usually represented the central point of the entire apartment.

Although there is the so-called “Frankfurt kitchen” – the precursor of the modern fitted kitchen – for over a hundred years, not everyone could afford this earlier. Especially since World War II was very much destroyed and individual furniture could be much more easily brought to safety.

Thus, some very old pieces have stood the test of time and still adorn the kitchens of lovers of nostalgia. Of course, the following epochs, from the 1950s, also have their charm and are also a bit easier to find in estates or on flea markets. Especially the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s have produced great design classics that you can mix with a little tact and with each other.

And even if you do not have a large kitchen at your disposal, there are great vintage-inspired living ideas that can be implemented in a small space.

Kitchen furniture in vintage style
A kitchen buffet or sideboard from grandparents is a classic in vintage kitchens. Such furniture is solid, durable kitchen furniture in real workmanship. The design of these classic cabinets changed from decade to decade. From the 1950s, they often had colored fronts and were now and then equipped with sliding doors and additional drawers. In a kitchen buffet, you will find a true space wonder of storage space. In addition to your crockery, supplies and other things will find a spacious place in it. Sideboards are usually a bit lower than buffet cabinets and you can decorate with pretty home accessories. Sideboards seem less bulky and can be better placed in small kitchens.

Dining chairs in vintage look are available in various variants. After the wooden chairs and cantilever chairs in the Bauhaus style came in the 1970s increasingly dining chairs and kitchen chairs made of plastic in fashion. This was made possible by the revolution of the plastic, which was also reflected in the kitchen equipment in the form of dishes and bowls. Many kitchen benches or corner benches had a cover made of imitation leather, which was often made in the flashy colors orange, red, yellow or green. Also colorful were and are the organic curved mid-century style dining chairs, which are still very popular.

From the 1960s, lightweight models that had a pull-out function became established as a dining table. These tables were space-saving and could be integrated into the smaller kitchens without problems as a dining area. As a table decoration fruit bowls made of lead crystal or colored plastic were often used.

Extra tip: If you find what you are looking for with such a dining table but it is rickety due to the tubular steel table legs, it is advisable to screw on new or old wooden legs. So you get a stable table in vintage style.

A special gem is an old stove or an old oven, as they were previously used for cooking and heating. You do not necessarily need to plug in such a nostalgia piece if the device in your fireplace does not allow it. Because even as a deco idea enriches an old stove your kitchen and brings a typical vintage character into it.

Nostalgic decorating ideas for the kitchen
Old milk churns, kitchen scales, bread boxes and sugar bowls as a table decoration – or even for daily use – conjure up a homely atmosphere in the kitchen, which completely matches the vintage look. Old copper pots and old storage containers with classic lettering also exude a traditional flair. Very nice are also small wooden shelves with chutes for sugar, flour and other foods that you m

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