Stunningly Trends! Tips for Creating Scandinavian Decorating Interior Designs

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When it comes to decoration in the Scandinavian style, many think of moose prints and fir trees. But Scandinavian decoration is much more than that. The simple elegance, simple materials and a lot of nature are the epitomai of the Nordic living accessories that enchant your home with ease and style awareness. We’ll show you how to decorate your four walls in Scandinavian style.

Principles of Scandinavian decoration
In the north, you like it simple and simple. But that does not mean that you have to do without beautiful decoration in a Scandinavian home. Finally, there are enough home accessories that have been adapted to these preferences and convince with elegant, timeless simplicity.

Frameless picture frames, glass vases, and wooden accessories are just a few of the beautiful items you can buy in Scandinavian furniture stores such as “Muuto”, “Hay”, “Bloomingville” and “Ikea”.

When decorating, however, make sure that you distribute the accessories harmoniously. A small arrangement on the dining table, a beautiful picture as a highlight of the wall design and a little something on the chest of drawers are already enough. Finally, the room should not be crammed, but beautified. Less is sometimes more!

Pure nature – deco idea with natural materials
Nothing in life is free? We can not agree with that at all! Because if we have learned one of the Scandinavians, it is that even the most beautiful decoration ideas do not cost anything. Just a walk in the nearby forest offers many ways to decorate your home.

Tips for Creating Scandinavian Decorating
Tips for Creating Scandinavian Decorating – source

Simple twigs in a beautiful vase, a wreath of birch twigs and pine cones and wildflowers create a great effect and emphasize the pleasant naturalness of the beautiful living style.

Scandinavian decorating ideas for a cozy ambiance
Even if the Scandinavian interior design style is rather clear, simple and timeless, coziness plays a big role. Because as soon as the day ends and dusk sets in, sophisticated lighting concepts are used. In addition to many small and indirect light sources are mainly candles, which provide a pleasant atmosphere. Whether large block candles in small groups, a tray with tealights or a simple wooden candlestick – candlelight must be! But even a fireplace raises the comfort factor many times over. Especially in combination with wooden furniture and accents, a warm, well-being climate prevails, inviting you to relax and cuddle on cold evenings.

Textiles as an important style element
Textiles are an important style element that is often underestimated. But here, too, the Scandinavians are one step ahead of us because they rely on natural fabrics, fine leather, and cuddly (artificial) fur.

Coarse linen and soft cotton throw pillows are ideal for decorating your sofa, armchair, and bedroom. In addition, they are breathable and very gentle on the skin. But also curtains, carpets, tablecloths, and blankets made of natural materials look much nobler and more valuable than artificial imitations.

While the Nordic d├ęcor is rather simple and minimalistic, textiles may also be a bit more colorful and exciting. Colorful patterns and graphic elements are used to lighten the simple design and to integrate the personal favorite color into the room concept.

Decoration as the epitome of the Scandinavian style
Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway have produced some of the greatest designers ever. In addition to the Finn Alvar Aalto, who designed one of the most famous glass objects in the world in the 1930s – the Aalto vase, also known as the Savoy vase – it was also the Danish Kay Bojesen who shaped the Scandinavian design world with cute wooden figures.
We do not think it’s a super-designer designer apartment, but those who combine one or two collectibles with something homemade and a little bit of Ikea create a stylish, individual home that would delight the forefathers and mothers of the unique interior design style

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