10+ Modern Bathroom Decor That Strike A Balance Between Elegance And Roughing It

The bathroom is also part of the trendy modern living design. The clear and matter-of-fact forms of modern interior design appeal to people who like it puristically. How to get this style in your bathroom and what you should pay attention, you will learn here with some nice suggestions.

Modern living as a trendy style in the bathroom
The bathroom has long ceased to be a shameful, quiet place, but in recent decades has become the necessary oasis of well-being. Where in the past wash basins, wet cells with wooden floors or a sink in the kitchen had to suffice, today’s bathrooms are equipped with much more comfort. Even when setting up, there are great living ideas for the bathroom – including the so-called modern bathroom.

The mantra of modern living is puristic objectivity, which is achieved with smooth and reduced designs in muted colors. Not classified as a separate style of living, but with no frills furniture and other equipment, this modern style is therefore timeless, practical and with plenty of free space. Especially in the bathroom, these criteria are not insignificant, since bathroom designs usually have to serve several decades and are usually not replaced so quickly.
Colorings in white or gray are often to be found, which can be spiced up with dosed decoration. In addition to wood and glass, concrete is a welcome guest in modern living. In the bathroom, the bare walls or washbasins can be made of concrete – which, however, always depends on the personal taste.

Extra tip: If you have old, unsightly tiles on the walls of your bathroom and scare a renovation with a lot of dirt, there is the possibility to cover them with special coverings of various manufacturers without joints. But you should first get permission from your landlord if you live in a rented apartment. This will give you hygienic and easy-care surfaces in your bathroom very quickly.

Bathroom furniture and equipment in the modern bathroom
Furniture in the bathroom is solely for the storage of utensils that are needed there. Modern-style bathroom furniture also has straight lines and smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. With a functional wall cupboard for towels – or a mirror cabinet for cosmetics – with fronts in white you do not do much wrong. Indirect lighting brings atmosphere into the room, which can be complemented by direct light on the make-up mirror great.

The same aspects apply to the actual bathroom furnishings. For example, sinks in angular shapes or washbasins fitted on substructures absolutely correspond to a modern bathroom. Free-standing bathtubs and floor-level showers are just as popular and barrier-free. Of course, there are also wall-mounted bathtubs or showers with access doors in the modern style of furnishing. Primarily, it depends on the shape and color.