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The most beautiful retro kitchens

Lovingly designed kitchens with a retro look are a trend that makes for nostalgia. The classic look looks elegant, a little playful and wonderfully cozy. Although Retro can basically refer to any furnishing trend from the last few decades, retro furniture and accessories are more reminiscent of the Midcentury look and the early 70s. When designing, you have many options, as you can opt for the playful, bright look of the 50s or for the clear, graphic shapes and wood trim of the Swinging Sixties. Perfect for all fans of bright colors: apple green, orange, and mustard yellow adorn a classic kitchen in the style of the colorful ’70s.

Incidentally, you can combine the retro look for your dining area with a modern interior. The matching wall paint and selected accessories provide a nostalgic feeling and give your kitchen a charming and individual touch. Even the retro look may be a bit shabby: curtains or cushions on the kitchen sofa are reminiscent of the Paris of the early 60s and give your kitchen a touch of boho charm.

The most beautiful retro kitchens
The most beautiful retro kitchens

Tip: Light wood has a balancing effect and makes the retro look more adult and more relaxed.

This is how you design walls and floors very authentically
Pleasantly cool and sweet-sweet – frosty candy colors dominate 1950s-style retro kitchens, reminiscent of petticoats, opulent pies and the charm of the economic miracle years. Suitable wall colors are pastel shades such as ice blue, soft pink and mint. Of course, you can also combine white and pastels for the typical candy cotton look. When painting, best incorporate the structure of your wall, and colorize, for example, wall projections, plinth or columns.

Very stylish and practical is a tiled mirror, which you design best with graphics tiles. Tile stickers with retro patterns also ensure fast effects. Typically American: make your floor with black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern. The result is reminiscent of diner restaurants from the 50s and gives your kitchen a noble finish. For authenticity, of course, metal signs with old advertising or illustrations.

Stylish and useful: A simple, round wall clock or a retro clock by Vitra give your wall the coveted mid-century look.

High-quality furniture – whether vintage or retro
Especially in larger kitchens and in kitchens the kitchen table is the center of the room. A table with a bright top and beveled wooden legs provides the real retro feeling. And of course, a 60s table with plastic top and rounded edges is also a good choice. This fits chairs like the ant or shell chairs with a shiny surface. Alternatively, decorate your kitchen with a kitchen sofa, which you cover with a graphic fabric. A little American, however, is a kitchen bar with matching bar stools in a glossy finish.

Instant-Retro-Chic: A large, vintage-style fridge lends your kitchen the unmistakable feel of the 50s and 60s. For example, you can find beautiful models in the range of the Italian manufacturer Smeg. Authentic: For all lovers of bobbin colors and simple, functional electrical appliances, there are also a toaster, blender, and kettle in a retro look.

Detailverliebt: Beautiful lamps and accessories
Also, lighting and accessories provide the perfect retro atmosphere. With the lamp, you have many design possibilities since the 50s, 60s, and 70s are known for their varied and innovative design. Adjust your lighting to the size and style of your kitchen and choose, for example, an abstract 1950s-style bronze chandelier. Or decorate your ceiling with a simple drop-shaped pendant lamp. For fans of the late 60s, it may also like to be poppy orange and high-gloss surfaces.

Authentic: Decorate your kitchen with an old kitchen scale or with milk jugs, which are the most beautiful in soft pastel shades. The matching tableware is filigree and playful. Polka dots, ornaments or flowers make for a particularly authentic look. Decorative and retro is also an old lunch box made of wood or a vintage thermos. For a fresh and friendly finish provide flowers or a small potted plant such as African violet.

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Ideas and tips for wall design in your workplace

The study should not be just space where we can focus and focus, but also a space with an inviting ambiance, where we like to spend time and do our work quickly. Thus, it is important to include the personal home office in the interior design and to make it instead of storage space for papers and important documents to a cozy and appealing part of our home. We have put together the most beautiful and practical ideas for your study.

Ideas and tips for wall design in your workspace
In addition to beautiful furniture and a tidy overall picture, the wall plays a major role in every room – even in the study. We recommend that you create your workspace in plain, cool colors, as they promote your concentration and have a calming effect.

Nevertheless, you can not do without a beautiful wall decoration, which you can implement in the form of a homemade pinboard or a picture wall. Depending on your taste, you can combine both, arranging picture frames in a colorful and asymmetrical way, or putting them on a simple, modern design.

You do not want to give up your gaudy favorite wall paint? Then you should work according to the motto “less is more” and beautify only a small wall or a section with the accent color.

Highlight the workspace with blackboard color
Blackboard color has been trendy for some time now. And rightly so, because the dark wall and furniture look absolutely elegant, so it’s super practical! Instead of hanging clunky, whiteboards over the desk, you can apply the practical color directly and chalk your to-do lists as you wish. It looks especially nice when you use the blackboard to highlight the area behind your desk. So you have not got an accustomed color accent, so you always have your tasks in view and can work in the future and in a cool atmosphere.

Blackboard paint and simply fix the DIY artwork on the wall without glass?

Organize decoratively – make office accessories yourself
One of the most important factors in your study is the organization of pens, stationery, and documents. So you always find what you need, one thing is very important: storage space!
A beautiful bookshelf, a small closet or a mobile phone desk with drawers is ideal to accommodate your paperwork and other important items.

To design your home office, there are many possibilities. Pens, scissors, glue, and Co. are decorated in a beautiful glass or cup cellphone on the desk. Folders with wrapping paper and wrapping film on a chic eye-catcher. The latter can be placed on a hanging shelf or on a dresser.

But cups, boxes, and cans are so great for storing all your stuff in a decent way.
The whole thing is beautiful, a cozy cushion on your office chair and an elegant desk lamp, which puts your workspace in the right light.

The trend of the year: wooden decoration
We think it’s great that, instead of polluting plastics and other chemically produced materials, more and more The absolute trend of the year is deco of wood, which can be found in the form of small figures, candlesticks, picture frames, and other accessories in every shop and online shop.

Especially popular are the small wooden houses that you can. In addition, the radiates coziness immediately and fills your study with a pleasant natural flair.

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2019 Gorgeous kitchen ideas Your understanding of design will change

The kitchen – the heart! The communicative cooking point in home and apartment is also a creative place to let off steam. Here often the best discussions and sometimes even festivals take place! Kitchens should radiate joie de vivre and sensuality, combine functionality and aesthetics. Only when a kitchen is not only practical but also comfortable, it becomes a place where you not only like to cook but also likes to stay. That’s why large kitchens, which bring food and life closer to each other, are enjoying great popularity. But you can also make it cozy in small kitchens – we show how!

Kitchen setup: the planning
Careful planning of the kitchen will determine and facilitate later work in the kitchen. In addition, you should make the decision for a kitchen with calm and thoughtful, after all, it should be a knot for life – but of course, the heart must knock properly! What should she look like, the dream kitchen? Do I want a complete solution like a fitted kitchen, or do I prefer something extravagant? Maybe a designer kitchen with a separate cooking island? The kitchen is also popular in a mix of styles: individual building blocks form a very personal group. If you do not like a compact solution, you simply make a different decision and equip the kitchen with individual elements and modules. Starting with the stove and oven, the kitchen design ranges from practical storage space to the freestanding refrigerator. Old kitchen buffets and cupboards from the flea market are welcome guests in the kitchen.

Materials and surfaces for kitchen design
In the choice of materials for the fronts, the personal taste is decisive: they are the face of the kitchen and thus determine the atmosphere. Should they be made of wood, stainless steel or do I choose glossy fronts? Even with the handles is a decision: yes or no. Do I prefer plain or prefer curved handles, for example, for a country-style kitchen? All these questions and more must be clarified in advance. In the end, the focus is always on one question: what do I want to put in the kitchen? Storage space in the kitchen is elemental – all utensils must be stowed quickly, but just as quickly come to light again to allow a smooth workflow.

There are very different candidates for the worktops in the kitchen: wood, granite, marble or easy-care plastic. All materials have their own character and style and adapt visually and functionally to the needs of their users. Heat resistance is a crucial issue, as is the relationship to sharp objects. In order for a kitchen to remain a good friend for years, quality is an important keyword – even and especially for the rather invisible technical details. At first glance, some things seem superfluous and merely expensive, which proves to be an indispensable helper in the later kitchen routine.

Storage space in the kitchen
Important in the kitchen is above all a lot of storage space in upper and lower cabinets. For unpopular fronts and tiled surfaces there are many solutions: Knobs, handles, replacement fronts or foils transform each kitchen unit into a pretty hiding place for pots, pans, dishes and other kitchen utensils. Nice addition to closed cupboards is open shelves like the little String Pocket. A kitchen buffet is also a tasteful helper who can put away a lot. His work surface also takes benevolent large bowls for fruits and vegetables or kitchen utensils. The treasure trove: flea market or attic. Thanks to paint and brush, he also gets relatively fresh a fresh face.

A trolley also proves to be a useful module in the kitchen. It also serves as a storage area and workplace. His driving ability also ensures that it does not stand in the way, but finds its own (assigned) place. From simple shelves, skilled craftsmen create lightning-fast and inexpensive storage space for dishes and pots. A cheerful fabric curtain provides the necessary visibility and dust protection – and wooden wine boxes are a nice “drawer replacement”. For example, silverware is stacked in them.

Wall design with function
Simple wallboards – as can be found, for example, at IKEA – are suitable for a shelf above the kitchen modules: storage jars or spices find their place there. Even simple hook strips for cooking spoons are a fine ingredient of the style mix kitchen. In general, the Swede is a popular supplier of individual kitchen components. Functionality and individuality: This is what the kitchen stands for in a mix of styles whose ingredients make cook and cook happy.

Decorating ideas for your kitchen design
Open shelves and surfaces are predestined Aussie


10+ Modern Bathroom Decor That Strike A Balance Between Elegance And Roughing It

The bathroom is also part of the trendy modern living design. The clear and matter-of-fact forms of modern interior design appeal to people who like it puristically. How to get this style in your bathroom and what you should pay attention, you will learn here with some nice suggestions.

Modern living as a trendy style in the bathroom
The bathroom has long ceased to be a shameful, quiet place, but in recent decades has become the necessary oasis of well-being. Where in the past wash basins, wet cells with wooden floors or a sink in the kitchen had to suffice, today’s bathrooms are equipped with much more comfort. Even when setting up, there are great living ideas for the bathroom – including the so-called modern bathroom.

The mantra of modern living is puristic objectivity, which is achieved with smooth and reduced designs in muted colors. Not classified as a separate style of living, but with no frills furniture and other equipment, this modern style is therefore timeless, practical and with plenty of free space. Especially in the bathroom, these criteria are not insignificant, since bathroom designs usually have to serve several decades and are usually not replaced so quickly.
Colorings in white or gray are often to be found, which can be spiced up with dosed decoration. In addition to wood and glass, concrete is a welcome guest in modern living. In the bathroom, the bare walls or washbasins can be made of concrete – which, however, always depends on the personal taste.

Extra tip: If you have old, unsightly tiles on the walls of your bathroom and scare a renovation with a lot of dirt, there is the possibility to cover them with special coverings of various manufacturers without joints. But you should first get permission from your landlord if you live in a rented apartment. This will give you hygienic and easy-care surfaces in your bathroom very quickly.

Bathroom furniture and equipment in the modern bathroom
Furniture in the bathroom is solely for the storage of utensils that are needed there. Modern-style bathroom furniture also has straight lines and smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. With a functional wall cupboard for towels – or a mirror cabinet for cosmetics – with fronts in white you do not do much wrong. Indirect lighting brings atmosphere into the room, which can be complemented by direct light on the make-up mirror great.

The same aspects apply to the actual bathroom furnishings. For example, sinks in angular shapes or washbasins fitted on substructures absolutely correspond to a modern bathroom. Free-standing bathtubs and floor-level showers are just as popular and barrier-free. Of course, there are also wall-mounted bathtubs or showers with access doors in the modern style of furnishing. Primarily, it depends on the shape and color.

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Modern kitchens: The most beautiful pictures and ideas

Modern living in the kitchen
The so-called modern living is not really a separate style of living, but simply expresses the characteristics and radiance of the typically used look.
In the kitchen, this looks very tidy and orderly because practicality and minimalism are the buzzwords in modern living. This refers primarily to the design and volume of the furniture, which should be as inconspicuous and economical as possible. Even with the colors, the modern furnishing style behaves restrained and is often converted into white or gray.

The materials often use wood, concrete, and glass. Real fans of the minimalist style even prefer the bare concrete with a neutral color as wall surfaces.
To make the sometimes somewhat sterile-looking character on the kitchen front, the kitchen unit or the worktop a bit warmer, you can achieve this with reduced decorative use.

The meaning of modern living in the kitchen stands for functional work and cooking, which takes place in a flexible and reduced environment. Especially today’s single households or professionally strong couples like this modern furnishing style, in which the high quality of the materials used is respected.

Design of kitchen furniture for modern kitchens
When planning, you should make sure that the kitchen furniture has no frills and straight lines and takes up little space in the room. In particular, a modular kitchen block or a chic kitchen island reflects the purist style. Smooth surfaces and a reduced color palette complete the whole. Highly sought-after fronts are as closed as possible, which also prove to be easy to maintain. Behind it, all electrical devices can be concealed or placed in such a way that even surfaces are created.

But you can also set up a kitchen-living room in a purist style. A dining table and chairs or a bench in a graphic design fit perfectly and allow you to make the most of your space.

Extra tip: Style mixes and design classics are allowed in modern living, as long as you use them restrained and you still have enough free space available. For example, an old sideboard in shabby chic sets a decorative exclamation mark in your modern kitchen.

Decoration for the modern kitchen
In addition to the puristic orientation of the kitchen furniture, deliberately used deco provides a soothing balance and a touch of coziness. The modern living ideas include, for example, cushions for the chairs of your kitchen, curtains on the window and neatly arranged herb pots.

The fresh green of the plants looks appetizing and enriches healthy cooking on top of that. Natural textiles or materials from nature are often used as decoration in combination with the modern style, which creates a great contrast to the otherwise cool materials of the furniture. This can be a non-slip sisal rug that is perfect for the kitchen. Or sets made of raffia or fabric for the dining table.

It is important that also in the decoration the color choice is selected reduced overall and patterning is largely dispensed with. For pattern fans, large, graphic patterns are a good choice and can be harmoniously integrated into the modern ambiance.

For lighting, light sources above the worktop or kitchen island are recommended, making it easier to work in the modern kitchen. An additional ceiling lamp made of glass, metal or wood in unobtrusive form makes the kitchen light completely.

Do you like the modern style for your kitchen and would you like to see more ideas from real apartments?

Modern kitchen source
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10+ Modern and Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern living in the living room

Puristic and reduced: These are the direction-givers for furniture and living ideas in modern living, but this does not represent an epoch-making style of living. Rather, it refers to the lines of the living room furniture, the straightforward and straightforward ensures an unobtrusive flair. The preservation of space and as many free spaces as possible are aimed for. Also, the choice of colors and the avoidance of restless patterns adapt to this objectivity. In modern living dominate mostly white and gray, which still supports the feeling of a breezy expanse.

Dabs of color are of course allowed – as well as large-scale, graphic patterns – and refresh the often sterile-looking atmosphere something. In addition, you can occasionally combine furniture and decor from other periods of style to the modern decorating style – but restrained.

The materials often include glass, concrete, wood or other natural materials that exude high quality and functional elegance. Ornamental industrial design on the walls with concrete and furniture in the Bauhaus style, for example, are welcome ideas.

Puristic lovers appreciate the practicality of the modern living room and the always tidy impression.

Living room furniture in a modern style

The living room furniture used should spread a calm, well-balanced living ambiance and at best be multifunctional. Not recommended are bulky furniture or cabinets that occupy entire walls. Better are modular pieces with clean lines and ground clearance. The decision on which pieces find their place, however, is a matter of taste.

For example, a rattan sofa with white cushions meets the criteria of straightforwardness and brings natural flair to the living room interior. But you can also opt for an adjustable lounger in leather – such as Charles Eames – that serves as relaxation or even as a guest bed. As an alternative to a sofa, a light-footed chaise longue is an elegant and functional eye-catcher, which certainly not everyone has.

A coffee table or side table with a glass top emphasizes the reduced style and can be combined with almost everything. A no-frills wooden coffee table also blends harmoniously into the ambiance of modern living. Chests converted into a table even fulfill further functional aspects, such as the creation of storage space and the trendy upcycling.

You can create an eye-catcher by placing vintage living room furniture in your modern living room. An old petite secretary or an old wall table, for example, looks very pretty. An old side table with marquetry lifts the character of the rest of the purist living room furniture. The restrained style mixes are particularly effective in a neutral environment.

Extra tip: If you want to integrate an old single piece of furniture as a highlight, this is perfectly achieved with illuminating lighting. Several light sources are very fashionable in modern living.

Skilfully decorate the puristic design

Decoration creates coziness and may also be used in modern living rooms – but at least as reduced as is the case with living room furniture.
A flower basket made of natural material, and equipped with fresh houseplants, conjures freshness in the living room. Textiles with restrained colors and patterns, such as cozy blankets, curtains, and carpets, support the comfort.

Other beautiful ideas for decorating and modern decor include stylish sculptures, floor vases and glass-framed, large-scale photographs in black and white on the walls.