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10+ Modern and Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern living in the living room

Puristic and reduced: These are the direction-givers for furniture and living ideas in modern living, but this does not represent an epoch-making style of living. Rather, it refers to the lines of the living room furniture, the straightforward and straightforward ensures an unobtrusive flair. The preservation of space and as many free spaces as possible are aimed for. Also, the choice of colors and the avoidance of restless patterns adapt to this objectivity. In modern living dominate mostly white and gray, which still supports the feeling of a breezy expanse.

Dabs of color are of course allowed – as well as large-scale, graphic patterns – and refresh the often sterile-looking atmosphere something. In addition, you can occasionally combine furniture and decor from other periods of style to the modern decorating style – but restrained.

The materials often include glass, concrete, wood or other natural materials that exude high quality and functional elegance. Ornamental industrial design on the walls with concrete and furniture in the Bauhaus style, for example, are welcome ideas.

Puristic lovers appreciate the practicality of the modern living room and the always tidy impression.

Living room furniture in a modern style

The living room furniture used should spread a calm, well-balanced living ambiance and at best be multifunctional. Not recommended are bulky furniture or cabinets that occupy entire walls. Better are modular pieces with clean lines and ground clearance. The decision on which pieces find their place, however, is a matter of taste.

For example, a rattan sofa with white cushions meets the criteria of straightforwardness and brings natural flair to the living room interior. But you can also opt for an adjustable lounger in leather – such as Charles Eames – that serves as relaxation or even as a guest bed. As an alternative to a sofa, a light-footed chaise longue is an elegant and functional eye-catcher, which certainly not everyone has.

A coffee table or side table with a glass top emphasizes the reduced style and can be combined with almost everything. A no-frills wooden coffee table also blends harmoniously into the ambiance of modern living. Chests converted into a table even fulfill further functional aspects, such as the creation of storage space and the trendy upcycling.

You can create an eye-catcher by placing vintage living room furniture in your modern living room. An old petite secretary or an old wall table, for example, looks very pretty. An old side table with marquetry lifts the character of the rest of the purist living room furniture. The restrained style mixes are particularly effective in a neutral environment.

Extra tip: If you want to integrate an old single piece of furniture as a highlight, this is perfectly achieved with illuminating lighting. Several light sources are very fashionable in modern living.

Skilfully decorate the puristic design

Decoration creates coziness and may also be used in modern living rooms – but at least as reduced as is the case with living room furniture.
A flower basket made of natural material, and equipped with fresh houseplants, conjures freshness in the living room. Textiles with restrained colors and patterns, such as cozy blankets, curtains, and carpets, support the comfort.

Other beautiful ideas for decorating and modern decor include stylish sculptures, floor vases and glass-framed, large-scale photographs in black and white on the walls.