The most beautiful retro kitchens

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Lovingly designed kitchens with a retro look are a trend that makes for nostalgia. The classic look looks elegant, a little playful and wonderfully cozy. Although Retro can basically refer to any furnishing trend from the last few decades, retro furniture and accessories are more reminiscent of the Midcentury look and the early 70s. When designing, you have many options, as you can opt for the playful, bright look of the 50s or for the clear, graphic shapes and wood trim of the Swinging Sixties. Perfect for all fans of bright colors: apple green, orange, and mustard yellow adorn a classic kitchen in the style of the colorful ’70s.

Incidentally, you can combine the retro look for your dining area with a modern interior. The matching wall paint and selected accessories provide a nostalgic feeling and give your kitchen a charming and individual touch. Even the retro look may be a bit shabby: curtains or cushions on the kitchen sofa are reminiscent of the Paris of the early 60s and give your kitchen a touch of boho charm.

The most beautiful retro kitchens
The most beautiful retro kitchens

Tip: Light wood has a balancing effect and makes the retro look more adult and more relaxed.

This is how you design walls and floors very authentically
Pleasantly cool and sweet-sweet – frosty candy colors dominate 1950s-style retro kitchens, reminiscent of petticoats, opulent pies and the charm of the economic miracle years. Suitable wall colors are pastel shades such as ice blue, soft pink and mint. Of course, you can also combine white and pastels for the typical candy cotton look. When painting, best incorporate the structure of your wall, and colorize, for example, wall projections, plinth or columns.

Very stylish and practical is a tiled mirror, which you design best with graphics tiles. Tile stickers with retro patterns also ensure fast effects. Typically American: make your floor with black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern. The result is reminiscent of diner restaurants from the 50s and gives your kitchen a noble finish. For authenticity, of course, metal signs with old advertising or illustrations.

Stylish and useful: A simple, round wall clock or a retro clock by Vitra give your wall the coveted mid-century look.

High-quality furniture – whether vintage or retro
Especially in larger kitchens and in kitchens the kitchen table is the center of the room. A table with a bright top and beveled wooden legs provides the real retro feeling. And of course, a 60s table with plastic top and rounded edges is also a good choice. This fits chairs like the ant or shell chairs with a shiny surface. Alternatively, decorate your kitchen with a kitchen sofa, which you cover with a graphic fabric. A little American, however, is a kitchen bar with matching bar stools in a glossy finish.

Instant-Retro-Chic: A large, vintage-style fridge lends your kitchen the unmistakable feel of the 50s and 60s. For example, you can find beautiful models in the range of the Italian manufacturer Smeg. Authentic: For all lovers of bobbin colors and simple, functional electrical appliances, there are also a toaster, blender, and kettle in a retro look.

Detailverliebt: Beautiful lamps and accessories
Also, lighting and accessories provide the perfect retro atmosphere. With the lamp, you have many design possibilities since the 50s, 60s, and 70s are known for their varied and innovative design. Adjust your lighting to the size and style of your kitchen and choose, for example, an abstract 1950s-style bronze chandelier. Or decorate your ceiling with a simple drop-shaped pendant lamp. For fans of the late 60s, it may also like to be poppy orange and high-gloss surfaces.

Authentic: Decorate your kitchen with an old kitchen scale or with milk jugs, which are the most beautiful in soft pastel shades. The matching tableware is filigree and playful. Polka dots, ornaments or flowers make for a particularly authentic look. Decorative and retro is also an old lunch box made of wood or a vintage thermos. For a fresh and friendly finish provide flowers or a small potted plant such as African violet.

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